Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to pay the agency anything to be represented? No. A legitimate agency never requires any sort of up-front fee, in order for you to be represented. We make money, only when you get paid from a project.

What ages do you represent? We represent toddlers to senior citizens.

Will I have to spend any money to become a working actor?  Yes. If you plan to be a professional actor, you will need to invest in yourself and your career, just as with any profession.  Every actor will need professional headshots. And you will also need to plan for expenses to be incurred in taking acting classes, attending workshops, getting professional video auditions taped, and for coaching.

Do I need to be enrolled in acting classes?   Yes. Due to the highly competitive nature of the entertainment field, it is imperative that our actors alway be seeking more training. Even actors who are regularly booked, will want to have a private coach, to help prepare for big projects. Where you take classes, is up to you.  However, it is mandatory for all TDH Talent actors to be taking some form of training. 

If I do not want speaking roles, and only wish to be submitted for commercials and print jobs, am I still required to take acting classes?   No. If you are only represented for commercials and print jobs, then you are not required to take acting classes. However, you still need to attend commercial workshops, and you also need to attend our regular agency workshops (which are free of charge).

Can I be signed with this agency and another agency, both within the state of Georgia? No. This agency requires an exclusive contract (as do most agencies), which does not permit you to be signed for the same type of representation in the state of Georgia. You can, however, seek representation in other states.

How long would I be locked into the contract? Our contract is for 1 year

If I find a paying project on my own, do I still owe the agency a commission? Yes. If you are a signed talent, with this agency, when you get paid for a project booked in the state of Georgia, then it should be a payday for us both.  It’s legally binding under the terms of the contract you sign.  But more importantly, it’s only fair to your agent, who puts in countless hours trying to find you work. (Remember, we only get paid, when you get paid). 

Can I be submitted for projects outside of Georgia? Yes, we can and will submit you for projects throughout the Southeast.

Do you represent actors who reside outside of Georgia? Yes.  We do represent actors who reside outside of Georgia.  However, those actors must be that is willing and capable of traveling to Georgia, at their own expense in order to participate in auditions, and perhaps even to work.  

How soon after signing will I get work? There are no guarantees in this career.   The sooner you get your marketing materials prepared (headshots, resume, online profile), the sooner we can start submitting you for projects. Without professionally shot and printed headshots, you are not prepared to attend auditions. Even though we help you to get the auditions, it’s still up to you to nail those auditions. This will take preparation on your part.

What kind of projects can I expect to be submitted for ? We submit for featured union and non-union  films, episodic television shows, web series, commercials, print modeling jobs , and voiceover and theater projects.

Do you offer free training? Yes.  We periodically offer workshops which are without a charge, to the active and signed talent, of  TDH Talent Unlimited.  We strive to go above and beyond, to want to make certain that you are as prepared as possible to become a professional actor.

Do you have any service and training  recommendations? You can find our current recommendation list here :  Service and Training